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13 Amazing Benefits of Couples Who Workout Together

Are you lacking the motivation to work out? Are the kids, work, and chores making it hard to connect with your spouse? It can be so demanding to fit in both a workout and some quality time with your spouse.

It's no secret that exercising is healthy for you. But have you considered the benefits of working out with your spouse? I've compiled a great list that is going to convince you to begin working out with your spouse (if you're not already!).

couple working out together

Couples who workout together stay together

This is a popular saying, whether you believe it or not. It's hard to deny the amazing benefits of exercising and spending time with your spouse. Those benefits are bound to lead to a long relationship and marriage.

Do you think couples who work out together stay together?

  • Absolutely!

  • Not necessarily.

Should couples go to the gym together?

It all depends on the couple. Some will thrive with getting out of the house and going to the gym together. The gym comes with several benefits. You can mix up your workout routine by:

  • Lifting weights together: Don't forget to focus on all muscle groups!

  • Attending a class: Try Zumba, kickboxing, cycling, etc.

  • Jogging on the treadmill or elliptical: See who can "run" farther!

  • Swim laps and race each other: Some gyms have pools, which you can also combine into a relaxing post-workout activity.

Others may find going to the gym too stressful (as it's another thing to go do in their day). If you work out at home, make sure you have the equipment you need to accomplish your goals. Try several options until you find what works for you and your spouse.

Benefits of couples exercising together

couple stretching on park bench

1. Stronger, happier bond

It's no question that exercising releases endorphins. Sharing those good feelings with your spouse is going to bring you closer together.

2. You prioritize your marriage by prioritizing your health

Exercising will improve your health. By exercising, you're telling your spouse that you want to stick around as long as possible for them. It's honestly a very sweet way to prioritize your marriage.

3. Overcome a challenge together

I'm a big proponent that challen