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How to Stop Fighting With Your Husband Over Parenting

Are you tired of arguing with your spouse about how to parent? Do you wish you could help your marriage while also being a good parent? This comprehensive guide will help you and your husband get on the same page and approach parenting as a team.

wife not fighting with husband over parenting

My husband Josh and I agree on a lot of things: politics, morals, how to treat people. So we were surprised to find that we didn't always agree when it came to parenting.

We found it very hard to disagree on parenting. But the more Josh and I talked about our viewpoints and disagreements, the more we learned. We learned about each other. We learned how to be better parents.

I'm not saying I have all of the answers. But the information below is what Josh and I have personally implemented. It's worked for us and we hope it works for you.

***Note: This blog post is packed with information. So feel free to click on the links in the Table of Contents below to jump around.***

Table of Contents:

Can different parenting styles ruin a marriage?

Does parenthood affect marriage?

What to do when you disagree with your spouse about parenting

When parents disagree on discipline

Common parenting disagreements...and how to fix them!

How to get on the same page with your spouse about parenting

Final thoughts

Can different parenting styles ruin a marriage?

What can happen with two parents have conflicting parenting styles?

When you and your spouse disagree on parenting, it can be very tough. But different parenting styles will absolutely not ruin a long as you don't let it. You both need to respect each other's parenting styles. Great communication will help you navigate these tough situations.

I wanted to start off the blog post with this section in particular because I wanted to give you hope. It's easy to be fearful of different parenting styles ruining marriage. But it doesn't matter how different you and your husband are when it comes to parenting. As long as you both have the kids' best interests at heart, you'll be just fine.

stop fighting with spouse about parenting

Take the time to work through this challenge together. See it as an opportunity to grow your marriage. If you put in the work that I describe in this blog post, you'll grow in respect for each other too.

There are times when my husband and I don't agree on parenting. But we don't let it negatively affect our marriage. We have worked through each issue and you can too.

Does parenthood affect marriage?

Parenthood absolutely affects marriage. How could it not? Children change so many of the dynamics of your relationship.

I asked 133 married couples if they thought parenthood affected marriage. An overwhelming 97% of people answered yes.

So I'm definitely not alone in my thinking!

The question shouldn't be about whether or not it affects marriage. You need to ask yourself HOW it affects your marriage. When a husband and wife disagree on parenting, it doesn't have to affect the marriage badly.

What to do when you disagree with your spouse about parenting

Here's how to resolve parenting conflicts

If you can't stop fighting with your husband over parenting, you'll want to read this next section. Parenting disagreem