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Interview with a Romance Coach: How Romance Can Help Your Marriage

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I interviewed Josie from Romance Enhanced to find out how she helps married couples connect through romance. We had an amazing conversation about the misconceptions around romance, the benefits of romance, and more! See the interview below.

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When you Google romance coach, terms like relationship coach and love coach also come up. How is a romance coach different from those?

As a Romance Coach, my main focus is on helping couples make romance easy. I do touch on lots of subjects such as relationship coaching, love, intimacy, love languages, dating and how to connect more and bring the spark back into your marriage again. But my niche is more all about Romance!

How did you get started with romance coaching?

Being romantic has always been one of my hobbies, weird I know! It is not what most people list as a hobby, but I have always loved to help other people look and be romantic, even if they are not!

I have always been a hopeless romantic and love planning out romantic dates for my husband and for friends and family as well. Even as a young girl, I would help my dad with romantic surprises for my mom. I even made my dad jump out of a box with roses to surprise her once!

One day, my unromantic husband said to me, “You are so creative and great with coming up with these romantic ideas. If I could pay someone like you to make me look romantic, I totally would!” And that is where my business idea got started. I knew I could be that person and would enjoy doing it.

Being romantic does not come natural to everybody, so I want to share my ideas and tips with others to make them look romantic as well!

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Have you always wanted to help married couples?

No, actually! It was not on my radar for a long time (even though relationship books and such have always been interesting to me). I have always found joy in serving and helping others, however my other career fields were actually working with kids and the elderly. I never imagined helping couples with romance or let alone intimacy.

The truth is though that bringing in more romance and being intentional was a huge game changer for my marriage and I know it can be for others in their marriages as well! I remember feeling discouraged and even a little disappointed with wanting more romance and excitement in our marriage. We were still very much in love, but sometimes our marriage felt a little boring. So I decided to do what I could do and I started to be intentional about creating more fun and romance in our marriage. I do feel like I was called to this position and feel like I can be a bridge in helping couples!

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Do you think there are certain phases in a couples life together that make it harder to be romantic (new baby, kids growing up, teenage years, empty nest, etc.)?

Yes to all the above! All of these phases are hard in their own right, but that does not mean it is impossible to bring more romance back in any phase! However, we can all use excuses for any stage that we are in our marriage (We don’t have time, It is to expensive, I don’t know how to be romantic). I am not trying to sound insensitive because I know all these things do make it difficult. But we do need to prioritize what is important.

What is the most rewarding part of being a romance coach?

As I started doing this, I found that it brought me great satisfaction and joy, to help make a difference in married couple’s lives. Plus, I get to do something I love doing all the time!

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