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31 Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for Married Couples

Valentine's Day can put a lot of pressure on a marriage. You might find yourself doing the same things over and over again. In this post, you'll discover easy Valentine's Day ideas for married couples that will put the spark back into the day.

What's great about these ideas is that they can all be done at home without a babysitter!

easy valentines day ideas for married couples

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Valentine's Day Ideas for Married Couples

Valentine's Day is all about making your partner feel special and loved. The ideas below will bring you closer together. They require you to take a deep look at what makes your marriage special.

Here are my favorite Valentine's activities for couples, separated into the following categories:

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

Looking for unique Valentine's Day date ideas? It's nice to mix things up with something new. Keep reading for unique Valentine's Day ideas for married couples!

1. Get to know each other better

Can you name all of your husband's childhood pets? Do you know your wife's most loved food growing up?

Dig into the details! Challenge yourselves to learn more about each other. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What is your earliest memory?

  • What kind of road trips did you take growing up? (Day trips, overnight, trips to see family, vacation trips, etc.)

  • What were your favorite family traditions growing up?

  • When did you get your first cell phone? What kind was it?

  • Do you ever wish you would've chosen a different career path?

It's always good to get to know your spouse better. But this also makes for a perfect Valentine's day date.

2. Design your dream home

If you could create your dream home, what would it look like? Get detailed and plan out what kind of house you would build together if you could. What would the layout look like? How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

This idea was inspired by my in laws. For years, they worked on sketches of their dream home. They now live in it! The house is so much more special knowing their love and teamwork went into creating it.

You don't have to have plans to actually build a house in the future. It's sometimes fun just to daydream together.

unique valentine's day ideas

3. Plan your dream vacation together

If creating your dream home doesn't sound right for you, how about your dream vacation? I like this exercise because it helps start a conversation between you and your spouse. These types of fun conversations can help you voice things you might want in the future.

When Josh and I were planning our honeymoon, we let our imaginations run wild at first. We realized we'd both always wanted to go to Fiji and stay in a bungalow over the water. We determined that it was too far of a plane ride for our honeymoon.