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7 Reasons You Should Try DateBox Club: DateBox Club Review for 2022

Are you looking for a romantic box to connect with your spouse? Keep reading for our date box review!

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What is a date box?

A date box is a monthly (or one-time) box that is mailed to you with a specific theme perfect for a date at home. Everything you need for the date is conveniently included. All you have to do is set aside the time to enjoy the box together!

There are a lot of date box companies out there so it can be hard to find the right one for you. That's why we wanted to share our experience with DateBox Club. According to their website, they test each and every box to ensure it will help couples connect. That's a lot of dedication for their products.

Our Overall Rating for DateBox Club:

See below for further details on our rating! Click the stars below to jump to the details.

DateBox Club Review

When I signed up to review DateBox Club, I was told, "Our date boxes aren’t about the items in the box, but the connection they make with the couples." This sounded like the perfect fit for Connect Again and made me very excited for my first box!

What was in our DateBox Club box

What was in our DateBox

Our DateBox contained everything we needed to create a beautiful painting, plus a fun and colorful snack to keep up with the theme:

What I liked about these items was there there was a lot of open-ended creativity to them. They didn't just tell you how to create the painting, but left you with other ideas in case you wanted to let your imagination run wild. How often do we really get to do that as adults?

Honestly, we were given so much paint, we didn't use all of it. I ended up buying some extra canvas from a craft store so we could continue this date night some other time!


A date night box without a subscription is $44.95. It gets cheaper if you sign up for more boxes through a subscription. If you have kids, it could actually be considered a budget date. We usually end up paying more than $42 for a babysitter. Consider the box we reviewed: it was basically a wine and design date night (minus the wine). It's actually something Josh and I have been wanting to try. A local wine and design event where we live is $37. Add the cost of a babysitter (which is usually around $15/hour for most parents), and at just 2 hours, you're already spending $67. That makes the price of DateBox Club a lot more affordable.

How much does DateBox Club cost?

It's worth noting that DateBox Club also has a few other products than what you see here, including a Digital Date Night. See them here.

Is DateBox Club Worth It: 7 Reasons to Try DateBox Club

1. How well it helped us connect:

We loved the simplicity of this box. We've reviewed other date night boxes that have lots of activities in one box (such as Crated with Love). However, we found that having one activity allowed us to focus more on the conversation. The box included conversation starters, which was nice because you need to wait 10 minutes to let each layer of paint dry. If you need more conversation starters, check out our favorite products to keep the conversation flowing.

2. Quality:

This is the only category that we gave 4 out of 5 stars. The brushes were sturdy. We dinged the box a star here because we felt the canvases were a bit small. We also only received one mixing palette (although based on the list of items, it seems as though we should've gotten two). One mixing palette wasn't enough and we ended up using paper towels to mix paint towards the end. Overall, the quality of the materials was good. The paint was high quality and dried fast.